Jens-Erik Mai

About Me (in third person):

Jens-Erik Mai is professor of information studies at the University of Copenhagen - he studies basic questions about the nature of information phenomena in contemporary society; he is concerned with the state of privacy and surveillance given new digital media, with classification given the pluralistic nature of meaning and society, and with information and its quality given its pragmatic nature.


His publications into the nature of classification have been recognized by Emerald's "Outstanding Paper Award" for "The Modernity of Classification" published in Journal of Documentation and by the International Society for Knowledge Organization's (ISKO) "Best Paper in KO Award" for "Ethics, Values and Morality in Contemporary Library Classifications" which was published in Knowledge Organization.


He teaches courses on classification, design of controlled vocabularies, information ethics, privacy and surveillance, knowledge media, and the theoretical foundation of information studies.


Jens-Erik is the editor of Emerald's Studies in Information book series, and is a member of the editorial boards for Knowledge Organization and Aslib Proceedings. He was the general Conference Chair for iConference 2012 held in Toronto and the general Conference Chair for 77th ASIS&T Annual Meeting held in Seattle.


Jens-Erik was previously associate professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, where he also served as Vice Dean and Acting Dean. Prior to that he was a faculty member at the Information School of the University of Washington where he also co-directed the Center for Human-Information Interaction.


He earned his Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin as a Fulbright Scholar and his Master and Bachelor degrees from the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark.


Jens-Erik lives in a small town north of Copenhagen with his wife Mette Ribergaard Mai and their teenage son.




What I've written:

Links to my papers and talks are here.

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What I've talked about (in Danish):

Facebookistan - Det Danske Filminstitut

Global and local knowledge - P1 Eftermiddag

Surveillance and Google Books - AK24syv

Wikipedia - Jyllands-Posten

Surveillance - Gymnasieskolen

Information ethics and policy - Perspektiv

Surveillance - Perspektiv


What I teach:

Open Data Science [MA] | Fall 2016

Information and Data in Society [PhD] | Spring 2016

Information Organizing Processes [MA] | Fall 2014 | Spring 2016

Vidensorganisation (Knowledge Organization) [BA] | Fall 2015

Information Ethics: Privacy and Surveillance [MA] | Spring 2015

Vidensmedier (Knowledge Media) [BA] | Fall 2014

Where I've been:

School of Library and Information Science, University of Copenhagen

Professor, 2012 -

Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, Canada

Associate Professor, 2006-2012

Vice Dean, 2006-2009

Acting Dean, Fall 2008

Information School, University of Washington, USA

Assistant Professor, 2000-2006

Co-Director, Center for Human-Information Interaction, 2003-2006

Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Lecturer, 1996-2000


What I've done:

Ph.D., Library and Information Science, 2000

School of Information, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Master of Library and Information Science, 1994

Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Librarian (Bachelor degree in LIS), 1992

Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark


More information and data: Full CV


2015.11.10 Speaking at ASIS&T 2015 annual meeting ● 2015.10.29 Panel debate about Facebookistan2015.10.24 Speaking at Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2015.08.14 Speaking at NordMedia 2015 conference ● 2015.08.12 Opening Glocal KO conference ● 2015.08.11 Interview on the Danish radioshow P1 Eftermiddag about global and local knowledge ● 2015.03.09 Speaking at Archival Bias: Constructing, Coding and Curating Crowdsourced Archives 2015.01.13 Edited issue on privacy and surveillance has been published [in Danish]



Jens-Erik Mai


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Information Studies

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Editor, Emerald's Studies in Information book series